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Thank you for sharing your time and knowledge. Much appreciated. I really dig the passion, care for the plants and customer service.

I sat with the pink vein. 2 small and one large leaf. It’s very gentle and functional. The fresh leaf experience is definitely more aligned with my preferences.

Glad I found your site!

Patrick Cambell
This morning I chewed one leaf and smothered it in honey. It was very bitter but the honey helped. I deveined the leaf and I spit out the paste. Pain level was around a 8

After ten minutes I noticed a bit of pain relief. My ability to stand up and move around improved. There was no high or buzz. It was a mild relief from pain. Pain level was around a 5.

After thirty minutes there was a definite improvement over the pain. It was like night and day. However I never experienced any stimulant feeling. I didn’t have any extra energy. Pain level was 3.

After an hour, there was still an improvement in pain relief, but certain parts of my body had a reduced pain. My hands and feet still had pain, but it was reduced. Pain was 2.

Overall I’m happy with the results from one leaf. I will maintain this for the next few hours to see how long the relief continues from the one leaf.

I would describe the changes in my pain as a definite improvement.

Jcole20 - 2021/07/20
Thank you. I ordered 30 fresh leaves and am very happy with what came in the mail. A few extra were thrown in either accidentally or to make up for some smaller ones in the batch but regardless more than happy. As someone who eats / makes tea with approximately 5-10g per dose approximately 4-5 leaves chewed the traditional way (vein removed and tucked in cheek) has been enough to equal this. Taste is a lot better fresh too. This is what to expect as far as size.

Thanks again

Robin Cantor - 2021/07/18
I bought my seeds in April and tried a few times growing the seeds indoors under a growlight which failed. So in June, I decided to sprinkle seeds over a pot that I had outside on the southeastern side and two weeks later I got sprouts. as of July 17th, a total of 40 seedlings sprouted with a few starting a second set of leaves–Looking forward for the seedlings to get bigger to be able to transplant to their own pots. These seeds are definitely viable and an excellent value- Thank you for making me a proud plant parent
Helen Chappell - 2021/04/08
I am SO pleased with my product and had the most wonderful experience with Kratom Leaf. They were incredibly transparent, responsive and kind! Even better, I’m proud to support a non-profit that dedicates their time and income to helping others with high quality products. Will definitely work with them again!
Francisco - 2019/07/18
Love the site and app they are really bringing the kratom community together here in AMERICA!!!! which is amazing. Looking forward to receiving my fresh seeds. The customer service is amazing they responded quickly and answered my question looking forward to continuing to do business with your company.