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Kratomleaf Review


Kratomleaf Review

Kratomleaf Review from thekratomreview

Over the last few days we had the privilege of trying something very different –¬†raw kratom leaf¬†from¬†kratomleaf.us. It was truly an interesting experience that we would recommend all consumers of Kratom try.

Raw Leaf – 1 Leaf, Honey/Sugar sprinkle
  • Euphoric

  • Energetic

  • Uplifting

  • Focus

Duration: 3.5 hours

Notes: The first thing you notice is that your mouth goes slightly numb. The flavor is very rough, especially without honey or sugar. The aim is to chew the leaf into a fine paste and try to maintain chewing for at least 10 minutes. The effects start with a warm, glowing wave that goes head to toe, and is much, much more significant than a standard dose of tea. Within a half hour, you start to really feel the effects, those being euphoria, and an almost.. tingly? energy. Admittedly, the first ones we chewed were a bit overwhelming, but when we split the leaf in two and chewed both halves in a sequence, we found an extremely uplifting experience that we could not recommend more. Our mental and physical ailments (anxiety, bad joints, etc) came to pass, and for a solid 3 hours we felt the glow and uplifting nature of kratom that we all know and love in a purely natural sense.

We¬†do¬†very much suggest that if you’re new to kratom, this experience may be a bit heavy for you, so maybe this isn’t the best idea for people coming into the kratom community initially. That being said, we¬†highly¬†recommend that everybody with experience in Kratom use give raw leaf a try. It will really put it all into perspective, and there’s something to be said of the pure, unadulterated experience that it provides.

Overall, we are not only grateful for the experience, but we are profoundly in love with it, and definitely plan to make it a monthly part of our cycle. We want to thank Kratomleaf specifically for just handing us this opportunity out of the kindness of their hearts. We are beyond thankful.

Score: ***